KISD High School #6

KISD High School #6
KISD High School #6
Date Added: 08/17/18
Current Phase: Schematic Design
Contractor: TBD
1. Current Project Status
  1. Developing floor plans and site plans for the Schematic Design Department meetings.
  2. Design Charette was conducted July 23rd- 25th.
  3. A general design direction was established and approved by the Charette committee.
2. Upcoming Meetings
  1. Schematic Design Department meetings are scheduled for August 21st.
  2. Meeting at the City of Killeen, Commercial Plan Review division, will take place on August 22nd at 2:00 pm.
3. Issues/Items Needing Attention.
  1. PBK to further develop options for the school entry design.
  2. PBK to develop options for the exterior façade for classroom wings.
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