KISD High School #6

KISD High School #6
KISD High School #6
Date Added: 11/30/2018
Current Phase: Design Development
Contractor: American Constructors
1. Current Project Status
  1. Design Charrette was conducted 07/23/0018-07/25/2018.
  2. Construction manager kick-off meeting with American Constructors took place 09/19/2018.
  3. Schematic Design presentation and Board of Trustees approval took place 10/09/2018.
  4. DD department review meetings took place 11/15/2018.
  5. KISD / Bell County / City of Killeen / City of Harker Heights meeting regarding Chaparral Road took place 11/28/2018.
2. Upcoming Meetings
  1. Weekly project update conference calls are scheduled for 2:00 PM Friday.
3. Issues/ Items Needing Attention
  1. Geotechnical investigation report review meeting needs to be scheduled with PBK, Langerman-Foster, Dunaway, and American Constructors.
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